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Final Super Mario Maker 2 Update Adds World Maker and More

By IWorth92 on
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Recently, Nintendo announced the final major update that Super Mario Maker 2 would recieve. It contains many new blocks and powerups, the return of the Koopalings, and a world maker. The update is availible now.

Each gamestyle recieved at least one new powerup. The original Super Mario Bros. theme recieved the Super Mario Bros. 2 powerup, which completely changes some of the basics mechanics of the game and changes them so they are like Super Mario Bros. 2, such as being able to ride on enemies and being able to pick up and throw enemies. The Super Mario Bros 3. style gets the frog suit, which allows you to swim much faster in water and also run on top of water very quickly. Super Mario World gets the P Balloon powerup, which puffs up Mario and allows you to float through the air. New Super Mario Bros. U gets the Super Acorn, which turns Mario into a flying squirrel and allows you to glide in the air. Super Mario 3D World gets the Boomerang flower powerup, which allows you to throw boomerangs that kill enemies.

Super Mario 3D World also gets a set of Box and Mask powerups. The Cannon Box lets you shoot cannons from your head, the Propeller Box allows you to fly in the sky with a propeller in your head, the POW Box lets you hit your head to activate the POW Block effect, killing enemies. The Goomba Mask lets you camoflague with your foes, and enemies will not attack you. The Bullet Bill Mask allows you to fly horizontally through the sky.

The Koopalings make a return as bosses to supplement the historical lack of bosses Super Mario Maker has had. The seven Koopalings added are Larry, Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy and Ludwig. Each of these has their own attack style and patterns.

New blocks have also been added. The Cursed Key sends a ghost to chase you after you pick it up. The On/Off Trampoline, which only bounces when activated, and three varieties of explosive Mechakoopas; a green one, a red one that shoots homing projectiles, and a blue one with a laser beam. Also not mentioned are the introduction of On/Off switches to the Super Mario 3D World style.

The expansive World Maker has also been added, which allows you to create an overworld layout and fill it with your levels. Each world can also have a variety of settings, from the familiar grasslands to the underground and even deserts. Up to to eight world can be combined into a Super World, which essentially allows users to create their own versions of entire games. These Super Worlds can be shared with the community and other players.

You can watch the full announcement video for this update below: