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Teardown 0.9 Releases Part 2 of Campaign

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(Image credit: Tuxedo Labs)

An update to sandbox destruction game Teardown was released by developer Tuxedo Labs, adding the second half of the game's storyline alongside a swarm of new features.

Teardown version 0.9 adds two new big maps: a tropical island and a security facility, all fully destructable.

There are also a lot of new missions, one which includes robots, another with a tornado, one more which places you on an island with few materials, another with an attack helicopter, and a Christmas-themed one.

Several new items have also been added: the leaf blower lets you blow debris away; cables are used to connect objects together; the hunting rifle can fire through several layers at once; nitroglycerine, a powerful explosive; rocket boosters to propel objects across a map; and an energy drink for moving quickly.

Robots have also been added with a good AI for targeting the player. Robots will shoot bullets at you in quick succession if you come near them.

Extra modding functionality has also been added, with the developers giving modders pathfinding ability for NPCs and the ability for modders to create their own robots.

The developers say they will note the reception to version 0.9 before [diving] into the final stretch leading to the 1.0 release.

The update file for Teardown 0.9 is 2.3 GB on Steam and can be downloaded now.

See the trailer for the update below: