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Teardown 0.6 Adds Steam Workshop Integration

By Nixinova on
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(Image credit: Tuxedo Labs)

Version 0.6 of Teardown has been released by developer Tuxedo Labs, adding integration with the Steam Workshop.

The Steam Workshop allows players to share their creations such as maps and mods to other players, providing a simple and safe platform for distributing assets to players directly via the Steam client.

The level editor added in a previous update allows players to create maps from inside the game.

Upon release, there are around 100 mods already available in the workshop, with more being added all the time.

This update also includes a Heist example map created by the developers to make it easier for those of you interested in creating your own heist missions.

Additionally, core parts the game's physics engine have been optimized to better handle large amounts of objects, improving performance when you destroy large structures.

The 800MB update is available for players who own the game on Steam, where the title is currently 20% off.