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Minecraft Beta Increases the World Height on Bedrock

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(Image credit: Mojang/Microsoft)

A new beta version has been released for [Minecraft] Bedrock edition, adding features for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

This beta,, is the third development version for a revision of 1.16, 1.16.200. This revision will mainly contain bug fixes, and all the added Caves & Cliffs features will be disabled in the full release of this version as they are for the future 1.17 update, and are only available in this version's betas for early testing.

Beta adds some new features from this week's snapshot on Java Edition, and several others from earlier snapshots.

Major news this week – the world height limit has been increased! The world can now generate down 64 more blocks, giving 384 total blocks to work with as the height limit was increased to 320 a few betas ago.

Worlds loaded from older versions will have the bottom of chunks filled entirely with bedrock blocks, contrasting with Java's method of just leaving that 64-block area as void.

The azalea plant block has been added, along with the azalea leaves. This block grows on the new moss, which comes with a carpet form as well.

Caves vines with harvestable glow berries have been added, which grow down from the ceiling of caves. Glow berries can be eaten to restore a full hunger point.

Also on the top of caves are hanging roots and spore blossoms which send particles down.

The dripleaf block is now available, which tilts when a player or other mob is standing on top of it. It comes in two types: big and small, where its size determines where it can be placed and how it can be broken.

This week the Mojang team have coordinated their additions, with the new changes on Java Edition being added to Bedrock in this version.

Copper blocks can now be waxed with honeycombs and unwaxed with an axe, and lightning strikes deoxidise nearby copper blocks.

Additionally, lightning rods can now be placed in water and glow when struck.

This beta version is only available on Android, Windows 10, and Xbox One, for users who have entered the beta programme. The Caves & Cliffs features are only enabled when the "Experimental Gameplay" toggle is enabled.