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Minecraft 21w11a Makes Changes to Copper on Java

By Nixinova on
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(Image credit: Mojang/Microsoft)

The newest snapshot for Minecraft's upcoming Caves & Cliffs update has been released by developer Mojang.

This snapshot focuses on various quality-of-life changes and on fixing bugs.

The main changes in this development version regard the copper block and its weathered variants.

Copper blocks can now be waxed using honeycombs and unwaxed using an axe. Coloured particle effects will appear when you do so.

Lightning strikes will now deoxidise nearby copper blocks, returning them to a less weathered state. Blocks directly under the strike revert straight back to unoxidised copper while those around it just become slightly less worn.

Lightning rods, used to divert lightning strikes, now flash white when hit, and can now be submerged in water.

Moss was added a few snapshots ago, and since there is a block in the game called "mossy cobblestone" a clearer crafting recipe for it has been added by combining moss and cobblestone.

In addition, various textures have been tweaked, fixing a few pixels here and there on blocks like pumpkins, smokers and snowy grass.

Like any other snapshot, this one comes with bug fixes, this time with over a hundred, including a couple really old bugs from the early 2010s.

For a visual guide to the changes in this snapshot, see my video below: