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Nixinova News is Back Up and Running

By Nixinova on
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After a six month hiatus, Nixinova News is back online.

Nixinova News began back in March, and gaming-related articles were posted every other day, mostly written by myself with a few by my friend. This was enjoyable to start off with, but I quickly got burnt out, and ended up shutting down this site in early June.

Instead of writing about general gaming news, the new Nixinova News will feature much more specific articles about certain games that I enjoy, as well as showcases about various importent aspects of these games. Of course, I will still cover the releases of big game titles, but this site will have more of a focus on just a few games.

Do expect articles to be released less often, however, such as one per week. This will allow me to create better articles that are higher quality and focused.

Welcome back, and stay tuned for more news.