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Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote Choices Revealed

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(Image credit: Mojang Studios/Microsoft)

Every year at Minecraft Live, Mojang asks the viewers to choose one new creature to add to Minecraft out of a given selection.

This year, the three mobs to choose from are the glare, the allay, and the copper golem.

The glare is a small ghost-like mob that floats around, trying to make its way to an area that is dark. If it finds a dark area, it will get grumpy.

If chosen, you could use this mechanic to find an area that is dark enough for monsters to spawn. This would replace having to use the in-game debug menu to check light levels.

Mojang have previously stated that they want to replace features of the debug menu with proper mechanics, calling it bad game design.

The second mob is the allay, another ghost-like mob that, when given an item, will fly around collecting any more of that item it finds lying around. When a note block is nearby, it will dance, and drop any items it is carrying.

If the allay is selected, you could use this to easily collect fallen items from, e.g., a mob farm. The current method to do this is lots of water streams moving items, which exploits buggy water mechanics that Mojang may not want to keep.

Lastly, there is the copper golem, a player-crafted mob similar to the existing iron golem. The copper golem is attracted to copper buttons, a new block that would be added if the copper golem is selected, and will randomly press the buttons.

If chosen, you can use this mechanic to create a randomiser, which is quite difficult to do in Minecraft normally.

These three mobs are able to be voted on by the audience of Minecraft Live, starting at 16:00 UTC on this Saturday, 16 October.

In addition to the mob vote, the show will also announce the theme of version 1.19, the next major update after Caves & Cliffs Part II.