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Minecraft Java Account Migration Process Begins

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(Image credit: Mojang Studios/Microsoft)

The migration of existing Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts has begun, with a first batch of players receiving information on how to migrate their accounts over to the new system.

Mojang announced that migration has been opened to a limited amount of players.

Players in the first batch will have received a notification in the Minecraft (Java Edition) launcher or on their profile page on the Minecraft website telling them they are now able to migrate their accounts to the Microsoft login system. Notifications are not being sent out via email.

Mojang accounts have been in use for almost a decade now, since 2012, and Microsoft account logins have been the default for new players since last year.

Microsoft accounts offer players increased account security and player safety features, [says]]( Mojang. Migrated accounts have access to two-factor authenication, making it harder for unautherised users gaining access to your account.

Microsoft accounts also offer a cohesive playing experience with players being able to use the same account for all editions of the game.

Once the to-be-announced voluntary migration period (which is expected to be a year or so) is complete, players still using Mojang accounts will not be able to log in to play Minecraft: Java Edition.

Preliminary account migration dates were apparently leaked back in January but Mojang did not begin the migration on the original date set.