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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Fully Released From Early Access

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(Image credit: Landfall Games)

After many years in development, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) has exited early access to be fully released on Steam.

In a post on the game's Steam news page , developer Landfall Games announced that TABS is out of Early Access with multiplayer and two new factions

The patch notes for the game's full 1.0 release list the addition of two new factions (themed character types), two new campaigns, and two new levels, along with Steam achievements and multiplayer.

TABS was first released in alpha in late 2016, and entered early access exactly two years ago.

The game entails playing through a variety of themed stages, each with a predetermined collection of enemies to fight. You must place your own units down, staying within your budget, and be the last standing in a battle to the death.

The game has proven popular, with "overwhelming positive" user reviews on Steam, and has spawned two spinoffs: Totally Accurate Battle Zombilator (TABZ), a survival horror game released in April 2017, and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG), a battle royale released in June 2018.

Alongside the release of TABS 1.0, TABG has gone free to play on Steam. Original players will receive coins to spend in the in-game store, set to release on 19 April.

Landfall have also released a new game: Rounds, a shooter game now out on Steam.