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Minecraft Update Adds Infinite Dimensions

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(Image credit: Mojang)

Every year, Mojang does something interesting for April Fool's Day. Last year they turned Minecraft into a mid-90s DOOM-like game; this year, it's even better.

Minecraft snapshot 20w14∞ adds 40 octillion new dimensions. That's right, 40 octillion – a number with 28 zeroes.

Each dimension is randomly generated from a string of characters. Random books can be collected from the new Box of Infinite Books. Simply throw one of these random books through a nether portal and it will become a portal to a random dimension.

Alternatively, typing "/warp" followed by any string of characters in the chat will teleport you to a dimension of the same name.

Each dimension is completely random. All the blocks, world generation, structures, daylight cycles, sky and water colours – everything – is completely random.

There are a set of interesting hidden Easter egg dimensions you can access using the "/warp" command followed by the name of the dimension, e.g. "/warp ant".

  • The "colors" dimension is divided into four quadrants of different colours.
  • A SkyBlock island is generated in the "content" dimension.
  • A world of darkness lies in the "darkness" dimension.
  • The "decay" dimension has an increasingly broken world as you move further away from the spawn area.
  • The world in the "isolation" dimension only consists of a house with a few dogs, signs and a chest in it.
  • Random musical notes play in the "notes" dimension.
  • A full SkyGrid world can be found in the "skygrid" dimension.
  • A DOS terminal can be found in the "terminal" dimension.

And there are many more to be found!

Other oddities in this update are a set of new biomes, including the "Shapes" biome which generates large 3D shapes of random blocks.

You can play in this update by enabling snapshots in your Minecraft launcher and selecting the "Latest snapshot" installation.