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Latest Steam Hardware Survey Data Revealed

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(Image credit: Valve)

Steam routinely offers a survey for users to collect information about what hardware people use. The latest hardware survey data from March was published recently, offering a variety of interesting information.

After the release of Half-Life: Alyx two weeks ago, you're probably wondering how many users actually have VR headsets.

According to Steam's data, only 1.29% of active users have a VR headset. The most common VR headsets are the Oculus Rift S, used by 27.05% of active VR users; the HTC Vive, used by 26.67%; and the original Oculus Rift, used by 15.56%. The Valve Index is only in fourth place with 10.94%, which may be due to its restocking issues.

Also of interest is the PC specs of Steam users. The most common amount of RAM now is 16 GB, used by 39.01% of the playerbase, followed by 8 GB at 35.14%. Users with 4 GB of RAM only take up 7.13% of the userbase, with a similar proportion of users with more than 16 GB, 7.02%. And somehow 0.09% of Steam users still measure their memory in megabytes.

Unsurprisingly, 95.33% of players use Windows, with Windows 10 making up 85.88% of the userbase, followed by Windows 7 used by 7.02% of the playerbase. Mac and Linux are used by 3.80% and 0.87% of the playerbase respectively.

The resolution of choice for the majority of Steam users is 1920x1080, which 64.89% of players use, followed somehow by 1366x768 with 10.24% of users.

Nvidia cards make up most of the GPU section; 12.13% of users have a GTX 1060, closely followed by the GYX 1050 Ti at 8.43% and GTX 1050 at 5.19%.

Other than hardware information, Steam also publishes information about what languages are used. English is used 37.46% of players, followed by Simplified Chinese with 21.86% and Russian at 11.26%.