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Hypixel Minecraft Server Reaches Record Player Counts

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(Image credit: Hypixel)

Minecraft's biggest multiplayer server, Hypixel, has reached two new milestones, with over half of all Minecraft: Java Edition players having logged in to the server at some point and having over 100 thousand players online at the same time.

The server's founder and owner, Simon Collins-Laflamme, announced that over 18 million unique players had logged into on Hypixel before, which is 52% of the Java Edition of Minecraft's total player count.

Only a year ago, the server had just under 15 million players, so the server is still growing massively.

Last September, the server reached its highest concurrent user count, with over 90 thousand players being online at the same time.

(Update: Collins-Laflamme reported two days later that the Hypixel server reached over 100,000 concurrent players, before suffering from server issues.)

Hypixel was founded by Collins-Laflamme almost exactly seven years ago, on 13 April 2013.

Initially, the server was just for hosting adventure maps for users to play on, but eventually he created minigames for players to enjoy while waiting to connect to the adventure lobbies.

These minigames proved popular, and eventually the server became what it is today, the most popular server with dozens of minigames.

The company is now also working on its own video game called Hytale, a blocky RPG set to release next year, alongside the Hypixel server.