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Doom Eternal Releases Today

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(Image credit: id Software/Bethesda)

The newest installment in id Software's Doom series, Doom Eternal, releases today for PC, console, and Google Stadia.

Doom Eternal was originally meant to release last November, but was announced to be delayed back in October.

The game is set for a steady rollout today, releasing at different times in different places. For reference, at the time of this article's release, the current time is 01:00 UTC on 20 March, so the game is already out in some places.

For PC users, on either Steam and, there are a couple of different times that Doom Eternal will release. To put it simply, the game releases at different times (all given in UTC): 04:00 on 20 March for North America, 15:00 on 19 March for the Asia-Pacific region, and midnight on 20 March elsewhere. Timezone conversions can be found below.

  • In North America, the game will unlock at 04:01 UTC on 20 March, which corresponds to 21:01 PDT on 19 March or 00:01 EDT on 20 March.
  • In the Asia-Pacific region, the game unlocked at 15:01 UTC on 19 March, which corresponded to 00:01 JST, 02:01 AEDT, or 04:01 NZDT, all on 20 March – yes it's already out!
  • Elsewhere, *Doom Eternal* was released at 00:01 UTC on 20 March.

That's not the end of the confusion, however. For consoles in North America, Doom Eternal releases at midnight EST (04:00 UTC) on 20 March, and for consoles elsewhere the game releases at midnight on 20 March in your current timezone.

For the Google Stadia, Doom Eternal unlocks at 04:00 on 20 March everywhere.

This is the first title in the Doom series since 2016's simply-titled Doom, and is a direct sequel to that title, set two years after the events of that game.

You can buy Doom Eternal today on Windows, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Google Stadia.